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Normandy oysters
3u./ 6u./ 12u.

Smoked eel

Cantabrian anchovies 00

Chef's cold cream

Hummus with pita bread and seeds

Foie micuit with toasts

Tomato salad, spring onion and tuna belly

Baby spinach, feta, dried tomato and walnut salad

Burrata with escalivada and ham

Russian salad with tuna belly

Candied potatoes with low-temperature eggs and sobrassada

Candied potatoes with low-temperature eggs and Iberian ham shavings

Fajita of rice, mesclun, tomato, goat cheese and onion

Olot potatoes stuffed with meat

Stewed snails

Iberian acorn-fed ham

Assortment of artisan cheeses

Assortment of artisan sausages

Beef carpaccio with arugula and walnut pesto

Bread with tomato

Zucchini cannelloni with minced meat

Fajitas of smoked chicken

Veal cheek confit

Empordà duck nems with Korean sauce

Cod, poached egg and Sta Pau beans

Tuna tartare

Salmon dice

Zucchini tagliatelle with pesto and prawns

Classic ceviche with prawns

Traditional roasted cannelloni with truffled bechamel sauce

french toast

chocolate fondant

Ice cream